With Choice for the iPhone and iPad every choice gets an easy one. Simply place your fingers on the screen and the random selection process starts immediatly. It can take as little as 5 seconds from tapping the Choice icon on your home screen to having a decision.

Choice may be a simple solution to a simple problem, but this intuitive interface can be a fun way to solve an every days problem. You may want to try it the next time the kids are arguing who gets to be first.

--- Reviews ---

this should be deleted from the App Store! It is SO BORING!! What ever you do DO NOT download this game. Staring at a wall is more fun!

Best way to settle disputes between kids! ★★★★★
Love it!!!! Great way to make decisions you don't want to make, and is available on iPad too!


Choice is available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store.

By Christian Stropp.